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We love original ideas. They are the genesis of any project and often, when well executed they can be responsible for creating a new trend. This applies to anything like food, music and of course watches. For the latter, in our hobby, it is very difficult to be original. The brands must strike a good balance between something original but also familiar, because we as watch lovers, are very hard to please.

When we see a similar design, we believe is a bland copy and when it is too different, then we disregard it as non-special. I sometimes believe that we as enthusiast do not know what we want, and all of this happens because everything can be very subjective. We can have the best specifications on a watch, but it wouldn’t make a difference if the looks are not approved by many.

So how can a brand get it right? Well, when launching an original design, the brand might want to have a quality safety net. Looks and design are very subjective buy the finishing, specs and execution are the only parts that cannot be interpreted by the public, they are factual. Take for example mighty watches like the Royal Oak or the Hublot Big Bang, they were considered outrageous at first, expensive, but the quality element was in no doubt and with time, people started to appreciate it.

Horizon Watches has this similar approach. A very attractive design language (to us) that feels very different to anything out there and at the same time, the quality its present.

Let us take look on this newcomer that is bringing some incredible pieces to the market.

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