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In Focus – Prometheus (full article at

In our space, the watch world, micro brands are known for 2 main things; one is being relatively young and unfortunately, the second one is that sometimes they do not stay relevant for long. The later is due to the aggressive nature of our hobby, watch enthusiasts are getting more knowledgeable every day and in consequence, they want more. In my personal opinion this is a good thing because the brands which manage to survive do bring something special to the table. Since 2008 Prometheus, a Lisbon based brand has done exactly that, a price/quality ratio which was unheard of back then. 

There is a direct link with the Greek mythological figure and the brand philosophy. It is playful, a bit cheeky and with a big passion for well-crafted objects. We can safely say that without these characteristics, Prometheus as a watch company will not be here today.

There has been many designs and models that Prometheus offered in the past, and with a large fan base of owners and enthusiasts, there is plenty to discover. Let us begin the journey for what is one of the oldest micro brands that we have a chance to focus on.


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