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In focus: Vario.

Today we are going to look at one of

the brands that we care about the most, Vario. A brand born in Singapore that believes in quality and unique design on an affordable price. The brand has been around for almost 8 years now and has brought to market watches that blind us with nostalgia. If you are a vintage aficionado, this is a brand that could offer an authentic look with modern capabilities. Let us explore in detail.

How it all begins?

The brand begins with founder Ivan Chua and his wife Judy. Ivan is a graphic designer, and while Singapore was going through expansion and changes, the architectural boom really caught his eyes. Also, with the raise of technology, mobile phones became the primary source to read the time. After a while, Ivan felt that he needed something different and started to wear his old watches. With the straps disintegrated and in bad shaped, he put his design experience to work and started to offer straps and watch accessories. With this major step in 2016, Vario was born. Vario is a name that comes from ‘’vary’’, to change from one condition to another.

After seeing the success on the accessories side, the vintage bug is was with him. Ivan decided to design his first watch. A mixture of Bauhaus and Art deco are always flying in his head, you can see this reflected on their designs.

Since its conception, Vario now offers a great variety of models and sizes. The quality control is one of the most important elements. Ivan and Judy take pride on their QC process. This is why they have been around so long; the reviews are extensive and positive.

Vario is a very successful project. The watches have been sold over 80 countries. From the UK to the US, they have a unique approach to neo-vintage watches. The upcoming projects are bold, and Ivan doesn’t plan to stop there. We are looking forward to see what is coming.


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