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In the metal (and in the rubber)Tissot PRX 35mm

Less is more, there I’ve said it. Nothing becomes truer when we start talking about the Tissot PRX. Tissot is a brand that has always been around. The Swiss house is considered a luxury brand among non-watch enthusiast although for us, is the entry level to a world of non-ending spending. This doesn’t mean that Tissot is a cheap brand, completely the opposite, they have a rich heritage that goes back to 1853! Yes, you read that right. As a result of its longevity, they can look back to their catalogue for classic pocket watches, military pieces and modern designs that can rival any watchmaker around today. One of those pieces comes straight from the 70’s, the forward looking all steel Seastar. These days the Seastar line adorns the dial of modern divers at Tissot, making space for the new exquisite PRX

We had a good taste of the PRX line over the last few years. Tissot has used this platform enjoy a newfound youth to relate to that watch enthusiast crowd that was so desperately needing. The first modern PRX was 40mm with a quartz movement. In no time, Tissot also launched the waffle dial with an automatic movement, always keeping the 40mm case. By the end of 2022, the PRX chronograph in ‘’panda’’ configurations too us by surprise. Today is still one of the best value for a Swiss automatic chronograph in the market.

As much as we loved all these aesthetics and dial variations, the PRX always remained somehow a large watch, not because 40mm and 42mm are large, but because of the integrated design. Therefore, the end link is wider, making it feel bigger than it really is. Our prayers were heard, we got a 35mm version and just like the original, this one housed a quartz movement. Still not enough for watch nerds, a PRX with a Powermatic 80 movement was highly requested. 2 years after all this craze we got what we wanted.

And today here we have it, a dark blue 35mm version in an automatic configuration. Join me see the details and what is to own one of the coolest pieces well under 1000 GBP.

The specifications

The 35mm version wears a tad larger than the numbers suggest, it feels like a 37mm watch. The lug to lug it is what really counts here, the 35mm PRX is 39mm (according to official figures). But, because the end link of the bracelet does not articulate, we have a more substantial 42/43mm.

Everything seems to be dial up to 10 with the automatic versions. The dials have the same impressive waffle pattern as its 40mm counterparts. In particular, the dark blue It is very dynamic, always everchanging from black and when you get close (macro close) it is flawless. This dial also keeps everything proportioned to the new 35mm version. The date window is now more towards the edge of the dial. It is the same size as previous bigger versions making it more legible. A similar thing happens with the crown, it feels bigger in relation to the case, it is easier to grip and wind.

The Powermatic 80 is also considered one of the best movements for an entry level watch. Tissot has tuned down the ETA Caliber to offer 80-hour power reserve. The movement rotor is nicely decorated with a sapphire case back. Another detail that I enjoy is that the movement fills the whole case back. All these small improvements really come together making the 35mm version feel more special and truer to the original.

The PRX is also water resistance to 100 meters via a push down crown, it is an everyday watch.

On the wrist

The PRX is under 1000 GBP. Because of this, you would think that the bracelet would be cheaply made and uncomfortable. This is as far from truth as possible; the bracelet is outstanding. Starting at 24mm the bracelet tappers nicely to 16mm ending on a butterfly style clasp. It flows and shines nicely with every wrist roll we do. This is what made it even harder for me to put the PRX 35 on a rubber strap but I did it.

Tissot does not offer a rubber strap for the PRX 35mm which is a shame. We managed to secure a dark blue rubber strap from DeLugs which complements the dial to perfection, it all matches. I think this is a viable alternative to a great bracelet because it makes the watch sportier and less dressy, more every day and less casual. The strap is comfortable, and the butterfly clasp feels as good as the original and dare to say even better. The surface of the strap continues the waffle motif and the integration with the case is seamless. There is no gaps making everything feel very OEM.

Weather you choose the bracelet or the rubber strap, the watch is very thin at 11.3 adding to the good wearability of the PRX. I always wear small watches; therefore it fits my 6.25 inch wrist. I could see someone saying that this might be too small for them.


There is a lot to enjoy with the new PRX 35mm. For me this is the best version because everything feels more proportioned. I would add a screw down crown and screws to adjust the bracelet links. This would make it the perfect watch, but we are close very close.

The PRX is a watch that can be part of any collection because it satisfies different tastes. It feels retro and modern at the same time. We also have to consider that it is a unisex piece. I am very happy to call it my own.

The Tissot PRX is available at the Tissot official site from 630 GBP for the steel versions. The yellow gold-plated version is 745 GBP.

The DeLugs rubber strap is 118 GBP. The Delugs official website is

Technical Specifications

· Diameter:35 mm.

· Interchangeable quick release bracelet.

· Automatic movement - up to 80 hours power reserve.

· 316L stainless steel case.

· See-through caseback.

· Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with antireflective coating.


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