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In the metal – MHD Daily Driver Reverse Panda

Everyone aggrees that the 70s were great. Not only for the cultural scene but also for the designs we encountered. Unusual shapes and bold colours added that unique vibe that previous decades were missing.

In this era, motorsports also flourished. Cars became faster, tracks harder and enthusiast could not get enough of it. As a result, precision time keeping was required more than ever, and chronographs became as popular as divers did a few years back.

Brands were aware of this popularity and the race of an integrated chronograph movement started. Also, the rise of the Valjoux 7750 due to its fast-manufacturing process, helped brands to have an off the shelf movement that they could use to reach out a vast amount of audience.

At this time, we could find the racing scene dominated by brands like Tag Heuer, Orfina, Telestar just to name a few. And as we know chronographs are probably have the most complicated mechanics even by today’s standards, meaning that watchmaking at that time was doing well, very well.

With even faster cars and quartz technology around the corner, mass production of a digital chronograph was inevitable. They started as a more expensive option but with no little time, prices dropped, and the precision increased, a no brainer for the automotive industry. By then chronographs became easier to maintain and almost disposable, a shame for us watches lovers.

MHD is trying to revive the chronograph passion here in Britain with the new Daily Driver range. There aren’t many brands doing retro style chronograph with a futuristic look. The inspiration comes from watches in the 70s. They can be associated with a ‘’Streamliner’’ approach design with round and elongated lines.

Let’s begin to discover what it feels to wear this new retro piece.

The specifications

The proportions of the Daily Driver are very modern in terms of sizing. The case is 40mm and it has a barrel like shape. The design, which is called exoskeleton, has a 4-part construction, every part has a different finishing and when put together, it creates a very modern look. The openings of the case not only shred weight to the case but also allow us to look at the mid black DLC case, it is an enjoyable visual impact.

The dial it is very distinctive. The black matte surface contrast well with the sandwich dial while yellow and orange dominate the look. It is just like those chronographs from the 60’s. The lancet chronograph white hand stands out from the rest, it is a visual impact that helps with visibility. The floating minute and hour hands have a more patinated feel, everything matches with the dial colour. We have a date at 4:30 which could be an element of division, does a chronograph need a date window? That said the font and round shape integrates well with the design.

The watch has a reverse ‘’panda’’ layout with a counter at 9 o clock and then a day and night indicator at 3. The Dailey Driver looks period correct but unique on its design. Because the Daily Driver it is a chronograph, we have the traditional pushers and the crown on one side. They are all sitting very close together and similar looking but, the larger size of the main crown it is an appreciate design touch.

The MHD is powered by a Seiko V64 Mecaquartz movement. It has a mechanical feel with quartz precision. It is a win win situation as it keeps the Daily Driver affordable and also reliable.

On the wrist

The barrel case shape sits well on my 6.25-inch wrist. It is 47mm lug to lug. I was concerned that the pushers might protrude to my wrist, but I am happy to report that there is a good clearance with the edge of my wrist.

The MHD comes with a bracelet or a leather strap. The latter is perforated and brings that racing theme that we enjoy. Because of the design of the case, the watch has very short lugs, this means that regardless the strap you want to use, the watch will be very comfortable.

The superluminova is present on the dial and because of the sandwich dial construction, the Daily Driver glows nicely. It is bright and visible. During the day the matte dial absorbs any kind of reflection and together with the AR coating, legibility is assured.


Vintage designs have been having a boom lately, from skin divers to field watches, but what I enjoy the most are these futuristic retro looking pieces. Might sounds like a big niche but we believe that MHD has done a great job representing this style with the Daily Driver. It is a chronograph that reacts on the past but now with modern techniques. The watch is very good looking, and it will not be mistaken by any other watch in the room, it Is its own thing.

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Technical Specifications


  • 40 mm diameter by 12mm depth

  • 47 mm Lug-to-Lug length

  • 22mm width strap with quick release spring bars

  • 4-piece layered case design:

  • Water resistance to 5 ATM


  • 3-piece dial design

  • Matt Black finish with laser-cut marker slots

  • 2- Matt white finish Sub-dials with black markers

  • Vintage colour super luminova dial

  • Black and white hour and minute hands with vintage colour super luminova

  • White with red end second hand

  • Red sub-dial hands

  • Left-hand sub-dial counts the chronograph minutes

  • Right-hand sub-dial is a 24-hour indicator


  • Seiko VK64 Hybrid Meca-Quartz chronograph movement (sitting in a stainless-steel movement holder).

  • 316 L Stainless steel crown and pushers with black DLC knurled finish and machine-turned edge


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