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In the Metal – the Clemence – Munro

A field watch needs no introduction. It is the type of watch that can be worn almost anywhere and today, we have the new Clemence creation, the Murno. Clemence is a microbrand based in Edinburgh. They had a very good year with one of their first watches: the Photic Diver. This was a very elegant design that looked back at divers from the 60s, it includes a thin rotating bezel, handsome colourways, sleek proportion and of course, they are all sold out.

Coming back to our main subject. Munro is the highest mountain in Scotland, so, what better name can we expect from a field watch which has been tried and tested in site?

The Munro is what we usually call a ‘’GADA’’ watch, and the proportion/design really confirm this. Let us begin to see what this new upcoming brand is bringing to the table.

The specifications and design

The Munro has the right proportions for an everyday watch. It has 37.5mm across in diameter and a lug to lug of 45mm. The dimensions only tell one part of the story. Because there is no bezel the dial breathes nicely and has a larger appearance.

The boxed sapphire crystal has a good amount of AR coating, and because of this, the dial looks great under it. We got 2 variations of the Munro. The Ridgeline, it has a distinctive dial with different colours intersecting. Each one of the inclines for each slope represent the time when avalanches are most likely to occur, it’s a new feature I have never seen before. Then we have the Spindrift, a charming white dial almost enamel looking dial that it is also fully lumed. It has great contrast and legibility. The Munro also comes in an orange (Highlander Amber) and a black (Pitch Black) variations.

The handset is very unique and the mountain design at the tip of the hour hand works very well. The Superluminova BGW9 also helps with legibility.

The case of the Munro it is very sharp. The oversized crown feels sturdy, and it is also easy to grip. I really enjoyed the brushed and polished transition from the case and lugs. The brush pattern looks very uniform and has this utilitarian feel that this type of watch needs. The lugs are angled down nicely, and because they are short, the Munro can be worn in a variety wrist sizes, we will come into wearability later.

Powering the Munro we find the high-beat automatic Miyota 9039. I’ve handled this movement quite a bit lately and I really like it. It is reliable and the main advantage is that allow the watch to be thin, plus that sweeping seconds hand is much smoother than other mechanical movements out there. The idea is also that brands can really focus on design and keep the cost down. I am a big fan.

Adding more to the package the Munro is water resistant to 150m. This is more that needed/expected, and it is appreciated when we have the extra robustness at our disposal.

On the wrist

I did not had time to take the watch on a hiking experience, but I suspect it will do very well. The Munro is very comfortable. With a case of 10mm including the top of the sapphire crystal, it really blends as a filed watch should. The big bold numerals are easy to read no matter what version you

decide to go for. There is not much text either which to me it’s the way to go when you are designing a tool watch. Restraint is also a form of power.

Part of the comfort is due to the bracelet. I have seen lately that many brands have up their game when it comes to claps and links. The Munro is not an exception. It starts with 20mm of lug width and tappers up to 16mm at the edge of the clasp, this one also includes a sliding feature to adjust on the go. Everything feels very solid and well made, the bevelled details are also present in the case.

The Munro also comes as an option with FKM rubber straps, I will be keen to test this out as I believe for a hiking adventure would be my go-to option. The bracelet would also be great for a more casual look, its good thing that it also has a quick release system.

Price and availability

Pre-orders for the Munro open on October 17th. On the first 48 hours the watches will have a 10% discount and after first 48hrs it will remain £499 on strap, £575 on bracelet.

Fulfilment of first 300 orders estimated for March 2024. Second batch estimated for May 2024.


I believe the Munro is a very attractive watch which brings great novelties in design. There are some field watches that you look at and feel that they could make some changes here and there. With the Munro there I don’t get that feeling. The crown is the right size, the crystal is domed but not exaggerated, the dial is glossy and legible, and the case proportions are spot on. I really believe that if you are in the market for a watch that you can wear every day, this would be a strong contender. It is not only elegant, but it is a rugged piece that feels vintage with modern capabilities. It feels special.

Technical Specifications


- 37.5mm diameter

- 45mm lug length


- 9.25mm case

- 10mm total, including top hat crystal




High Beat Automatic Miyota 9039


- Contoured 316L stainless steel with contrasting polished and brushed chamfers

- Drilled lugs

- 7.5mm signed screw-down crown


Antiglare box sapphire crystal with 8 internal layers of AR coating


Hands and dial markers deep filled with 10 layers of Grade A BGW9


- Palladium nickel plated (silver) and PVD black versions

- Faceted


- Domed edges

- Applied polished indices with brushed micro-bevel

- Cross hair


- Engraved screw-down case back

- Circular mountain motif with central space for personalised engraving


Cross hatch FKM rubber strap. Colours:

- Black

- Dark green

- Orange


- 20mm to 16mm taper

- Bevelled, double articulated screw links - Includes a 2/3 size link for a perfect fit - Quick-release


- Toolless micro-adjust

- Brushed with polished bevels

- Included with bracelet


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