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In the Metal: The Out of Order Damaged in Italy – Casanova Kiwi

The watch community can be a divisive place. On one camp we have those who like pristine watches. On the other, we have those who love how a watch ages. In the latter camp, patina, faded bezels and aged cases are king. Sounds odd to me and even if I take care of my watches, I do love an object telling a story through its scratches, perhaps one from a subway ride in Tokyo or a doorknob in Italy, nothing major or thrilling but still a memory

What if I told you that there was a company that intentionally ''damages'' its watches to have that derelict look that the latter camp loves? Well, the Venetian firm Out of Order (OOO) that this was gap in the market worth plugging, and I have gotten the opportunity to test one of their latest creations.

The whole idea makes sense if you think about watches in the same context as you do with clothes. We like to wear faded jeans or ripped shirts, right? Why not distressed watches? I was curious so I went right into the aging methodology. Unsurprisingly, the whole process is a bit more difficult than picking up a pair of scissors and ripping something apart. OOO has a patented method on how to achieve the damaged look of the watch without affecting its accuracy. We cannot comment on the patented method unfortunately, but the result feels genuine.

The inspiration of the watches come from vintage iconic models and translated to different colour palettes. I got a taste of their latest piece: the Casanova Kiwi. As the name suggests, this a green lime watch. It is not only fun to wear but also pleasant to the eye.

A rather unknown fact is that Italy is a big producer of the Asian fruit, and this has now become an inspiration for the OOO design studio. While the bezel creates a unique colour combination, the dial is the centre of the watch. Let us discover more of this unique time piece.

Watch Design & Specifications

Stainless Steel (316L) with “OOO® exclusive aging process”, 44mm x 12.5mm x 51mm, Uni-directional 120 click-turning stainless-steel bezel, Brown hand-brushed aluminium insert with superluminova dot at hours 12, Matte green full lume dial, Applied black indexes + hand brushed hands with black lume inserts, Black date wheel, Sapphire crystal with cyclops over the date, 100m water resistance, 22mm oyster bracelet with same aging.

Movement – Swiss Ronda 515 quartz

This is a watch is a large one for sure, meant for those who like to make a splash. The colours certainly help with that. The glossy texture of the dial contrasts well with the black hands and markers. Part of the charm of the Casanova is the combination of that brown faded bezel that emulates the skin colour of a Kiwi. The case has a light blue hue, giving it a burnt appearance, which to me, completes the whole watch. The OOO team got the colour palette spot on. It is an industrial look which I’ve learned to appreciate especially because of how complementary it is with its solid construction.

A blackout date wheel with white numerals also makes an appearance under a magnifying cyclops. I really enjoy a different execution of a traditional date with a full black background. The date wheel matches the rest of the indices and gives the Kiwi a good design flair. Attention to detail.

There is an OOO for everyone since the team produces from automatic Swiss movement to quartz alternatives. The Kiwi is powered by a Swiss Ronda 515, it is reliable and marches on with minimum variation.

The watch is also water resistant, which is aided by the screw down crown, the overall watch depth rating is a 100 meters. More than enough for your swimming activities.

On the Wrist

The Kiwi is a good everyday watch, it has a thinness of 12.5mm which means it can go under a nato strap easily. That said, I wouldn’t take the watch out of the original bracelet, it feels an integral part of the watch with the same finish as the case. With solid end links and solid milled clasp, the Casanova feels sturdy and not dainty at all. These looks/function combination is what the OOO team envision from the beginning: a watch that is reliable but has that vintage aged look.

The 44mm case might be too large for my 6.25-inch wrist, this is due to the lugs overhanging at 51mm but that doesn’t mean that others cannot wear it. It is a contemporary size, and we are sure that many will appreciate the wrist presence.

I wore the watch for a full week, and it did have an effect on me, more specifically what I wore with the piece. It just a watch that you would like to wear with anything you feel like; shirt and jeans, sure or shorts and sweater, it works too.

Legibility is a strong point with the watch. The fully lumed disc made the Kiwi extremely easy to read even in the lowest of lights. The AR on the sapphire crystal also ensures legibility. The crystal is one of the parts that I was a bit skeptical about. I did not want the crystal to be scratched or damaged. On this specific instance we are pleased to say that the crystal is clear (punt intended).


It is great to see brands trying new twists on our hobby. I always find refreshing when a new idea works well in concept and execution; this is how I felt with the Casanova Kiwi. Yes, it might be a tad large from a guy who usually wears a 36mm black watch but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate it and appreciate it I definitely have.

One other aspect that I’ve enjoyed about the OOO brand is that each one of their pieces are unique. Each watch has an aging process of its own. In a world where everyone is trying to stand out, this is much appreciated.

There are several variations of the Casanova. They come in a more toned-down colour schemes but also louder ones like the Anguria which means watermelon in Italian, one of my favourites.

The Casanova Kiwi comes with a 2-year warranty and it is priced at EUR 270. More information at


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