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Not only chronographs look fast - the Roebuck Diviso

Some people say that watches need to have to have a purpose, a reason to be and to me that cannot be further from the truth in 2020, this is because mechanical watches have been obsolete for a while now but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them, there is always something gratifying in a mechanical object performing in digital

era, maybe is because is easier to understand how the inners of a watch/car/toaster worked 40 years ago? It is still hard but compared to an electric circuit seems easier or perhaps we just love to rule for the underdog? Maybe we are romantic at heart, but what I do know is that without that so called purpose a watch has now the possibilities to be everything, no longer watchmakers are constrained to ISO certifications or legibility, yes we care about this but design has been taken a front sit over the last years making possible a watch not only to perform good but also look good too. I was browsing on the internet the word ''inner rotating bezel'' ( yes I do that) and to my surprise a new design came along, it was the Diviso from Roebuck Watch co, a large middle stripe dominated the design and it had the 2 crowns that we watch people love, of course there is more to the watch than a racing inspired look, so we are here to find out about the Diviso and why I think is a great watch for daily wear, let's begin.

The Specifications:

The watch has a 42mm case in steel, very well made with curves and angles that I haven't seen before on a microbrand, the watch is dominated by brushed and polished surfaces making it more versatile/casual with a

great look also for sporting occasions. The dial does take all the attention as it has a racing stripe in the middle and depending on the color scheme you go for, it could blend or stand out wherever you go. The dials continues this racing motif with more vertical lines, the result is a very modern design that for some reason it gives you that 70's vintage vibe. The 2 crowns stand proud controlling the inner rotating bezel which can be used to track elapsed time, easier to operate than a chronograph. The racing look is completed with a carbon fibre insert giving the Diviso the look needed. Under the hood we can find a Miyota 9039 movement with no date function ( thank you) to avoid that ghost position on the crown, a great detail in my opinion.

On the wrist:

The watch is under 50mm lug to lug which means that it wears perfectly on my 6.25 inch wrist . We mentioned that legibility is key but not as much as in the old days but the Diviso doesn’t disappoint here, applied numerals, anti-reflecting coating and Superluminova BG-W9 (blue glow) complete the package, a very high spec watch that punches way above its weight. The watch comes on a 22mm vintage leather strap toning down the sportiness and making it more

casual, as we mentioned at the beginning no needs a watch to race anymore so it's nice to be able to use it on a daily basis.


The Diviso is a watch that takes several elements from other watches but executes them without being cheesy, it looks and feel as solid as a watch costing 3x the price. Roebuck Watch co. has in my opinion found a design language that could be applied to other watches if they decided to expand the range. I like the fact that the Divisio it's a great tool watch that has a lot of details that only the wearer can notice but would be a great

conversation starter if someone approaches you with that phrase :'' nice watch, what is that'', to us watch nerds this is what we like, someone opening the pandora box for us.

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