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Open dials and skeleton watches - The Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador Squellete

If you are reading this article you are probably into watches, and if you are into watches there is a great chance

that you smile when you see the back of a watch which shows the movement, this means that you and me my friend, are a rare breed. The problem is: what happens when you are looking at those rotors or bridges and that feeling is gone? That sapphire case back doesn’t do it for you anymore? Like a good addict you look for the next best thing, and that is open dials or skeleton watches. My first peak into the inner workings of a watch was a Frederique Constant open heart, I couldn’t believe that there was a small world of parts working constantly in such a tiny object, of course I started looking for those pieces with no dials and I came across many, but the truth is that a skeleton watch that is done poorly looks… let just say, it looks cheap. Yes you have incredible offers from the

top tier watchmakers but then you are talking about 6 figure watches, so my questions was always, is there an option where you don’t have to take a second mortgage to truly enjoy (visually and aesthetically) a watch movement? I was exchanging ideas with Apex Luxury who introduced me to Cuervo y Sobrinos and I got my answer, The Historiador Squelette, a mix of classic and modern details that can create a unique offer from the brand. If you are a watch enthusiast then you will enjoy this one.

The specifications

Let's be clear, there are several ways to enjoy a piece like the Historiador Squelette or for that matter any open dial watch, is both an statement and a conversation piece. What people do not tell you is that the first time you put this type of watch on your wrist, then you can see through it, this can be odd at first but it is also one of the things that I love about the Historiador, most of the parts are coated in black and minimizes the effect, it looks powerful and at the same time vintage, you don’t need me to tell you that this is almost impossible to do but the end result is excellent. The case is 40mm which makes the wearer enjoy the time piece with ease, the part that I've also enjoyed is that the watch looks like a Cuervo y Sobrinos from miles away, those pointy lugs and the Spanish style minute markers are just a great element of design, looks like it should be.

The red second hand really stands out against the open work dial and the purple jewels of the mainspring and pallet fork create a beautiful mess that can be appreciate it not only every time you glance at the Historiador but, also when you put the macro lenses to action. Powering the watch is the CYS 5101 base STP 6-15, which has been worked out to look this technical, it has a 44 hour power reserve and keeps the watch very thin at 11.15 mm. To complete the package the watch has luminous hands and an applied logo at 12, this adds to the classiness of the piece.

On the wrist

As you can imagine I had a great time wearing the Historiador Squelette, the size and thinness make it work very well on my 6.25 inch wrist, looks perfect for a casual day but the truth is that I ended up looking at the watch more and more with no real reason and that alone for me, is worth it. The watch comes in Louisiana alligator strap, it smells incredible and it is very high quality, this might be an odd description but it is true.The flat sapphire crystal form the exhibition case back makes the watch sit lower that it really is and then those curved lugs really hug the wrist well, it's all in the details with the Historiador, at the beginning when you see the watch you are not sure where to point the attention to but after a while it becomes more integrated than any dress piece I've worn so far. The Historiador Squelette is well suited for a classy night out but it is also well placed for a business meeting, as mentioned it’s a great ice breaker, a conversation piece but it never felt ostentatious.


Some times when I was thinking about an open work dial/watch I thought it would be a great piece to put in your living room and let people geek about it, but I was so wrong as every day I spent time with the Historiador Squelette I could feel that I would like to add it to my collection, I am a watch lover and to see everything ticking back and forth really brings the inner child in me but, the inner child that understand that the craftmanship has to be there, otherwise it would be pointless (at least for me). If you are lucky enough to be able to spend time with this watch please do so, they are impressive not only on their finishing but also on the heritage which I cover in my previous review of the brand. As a Latin American I love seeing this heritage, these nodes to the past that really click with the nostalgic part of my brain but, if you don’t have that going for you then the technical merits of the Historiador Squeltte should be more than enough.

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