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Pure passion mixed with a little bit of magic – The Duodecima Night blue- Havaan Tuvali

Inspiration is the key to a new design. But sometimes we get to see things out of the ordinary. Havaan Tuvali is one of these brands who not only have a different inspiration but also a unique approach to watch making.

Brands usually take inspiration on existing models, or based their design on trends. Eric the owner of Havaan Tuvali takes it to another level. Using old stock parts, movements, and bracelets, he creates his dials using different techniques but everything handmade. The results are a true vintage watch that looks like it was inside a time capsule.

Today we have the Duodecima line which consist of a 12-sided bezel charmer with a mechanical movement. They are all made of new old stock parts from the 70’s.

The history begins of Eric searching for watch cases to create his new offering, he luckily found cases with a factory owner in Taiwan. These cases were commissioned to go to Germany for an unknown company back then, but never made it overseas.

Of course, the right movement at the right size was needed, the vintage A. Schild Swiss movement which needed to be restored was the engine. These types of watches really transport you to an era where elegance was key. Join me to know more about a watch that is still a hidden treasure.

The specifications and designs

If you go back to the 60’s and 70s everything was a bit more angular. Designs like the Cartier Ceinture and art deco pieces were dominating the wrist of many celebrities. Also, everything was a tad smaller, a 36mm piece was probably the largest one on the catalogue. At 34mm the Duodecima it’s a small watch but it was designed that way. There are details like double markers on the bezel give a more intrinsic look.

The dial is a key highlight of the watch. It is not your typical offer, in here we can find a cotton hand painted masterpiece. It is a painstaking job that Eric undertakes in order to show that quality is not limited by price. The gold surrounding illuminate the dial.

It works as a track where the Chinese numerals indicate the time. The golden hands are thin and precise, everything feels minuscule but well proportioned.

The mineral crystal creates a nice warm effect. Turn the watch over and the movement is visible. The lovely A. Schild is the size of a penny, but its architecture looks and feels right. Not sure how hard it is to regulate this movement, but it Is performing well, it has 33 hours of power reserve and no rotor to block its view, manual wind as it should be.

On the wrist

The Duodecima has a lug to lug of 37mm. This makes the wear experience small to some, but this watch is the right size. On my 6.25-inch wrist wears like vintage piece should, classy and simple. There is nothing that distracts you from the telling the time. The bracelet is also a new old stock part and matches the case well. It gives this integrated feel, more 70’s than the 60’s. Somehow the watch looks like nothing I’ve seen before, I am really curious to find out who commissioned these cases and what the final product would look like, would it have been better or worse than the Deudecima? I think we will never know and that is part of the charm.

I wore the watch non-stop for a week, very well suited to office environment. It fits well with a shirt but there is also something nice about using it with a short sleeve t shirt. It is the ultimate curious piece with lots of background to start a conversation.


The Doudecima from Havaan Tuvali its unique. It is not a piece you stumble upon, or you see around, it is something that I would never get to see again and that really creates a fear of missing out. Not because is limited but because it is honest and pure. The amount of hand finish and dedication is unparalleled, specially for the price that is being offer. When you see people lining up to buy a plastic watch you really wonder what a little research can lead you to.

I cannot wait to see what pieces Havaan Tuvali comes next. Their sector dials were among the best I’ve handled and there are some cool ideas in the horizon. This could be a brand that in 10 years could be unattainable, so why not now?

The Duodecima is available online at a price of $485. For more information visit

Technical Specs

-Swiss A. Schild AS1537 handwind movement

- 21 jewels

- 18000 A/h frequency

- 33 hours power reserve

-Case diameter 34x37mm

- lug to lug 37mm

- see-through caseback

-Thickness 10mm

-Handmade dial

- Cotton paper dial

- Brass hour ring

-Brass hands

-Mineral glass crystal

-18mm band width

- Original vintage NOS bracelet

- Handmade microfiber strap

-3atm/30m water resistance


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