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Simple and Focused - RZE Valour 38

Simplicity is something that we could use more, a cleaner approach and uncomplicated thoughts are actions that we always try to do but often forget as other factors like pressure comes in, in the world of watches we like complications, monophases, chronographs, pushers and more information that we can handle, the race for the most complicated watch has been on since we started to wear this tiny mechanical worlds on our wrist and then suddenly, a watch with just the date appeared. Simplicity can be its own form of beauty and form over function applied to watches can also be really rewarding. A watch with no date comes with the same principle, sure loses in functionality but gains in visual aesthetics, we have symmetry. Field watches are a mix of both worlds, they need to be functional first and then, looks can be locked into place but even so, field watches can be the rawest pieces on a watch brand line up, call them entry level or whatever you want but they are the purest of them all, look at the RZE Vaour 38, a simple with dial with a military scale in black contrasting with a matte surface, titanium case and small to fit any wrist, hard to beat right? Well, I think so, so let's check it out.


As the name implies the Valour is 38mm and sits perfect on my 6.25-inch wrist with a 45mm lug to lug, the case is made of ultraHex titanium and as you expect it comes with all the great design language that RZE has spoiled us with. The dial cannot be more legible, is white with black applied markers, the watch has a screw down crown, and it is water resistance to 100m, it does all of this while housing a SII NH38A automatic movement, very reliable and with no date or ghost position, class, pure class. The Valour also comes with Superluminova and a sapphire crystal, not only making it legibly but thanks to the titanium virtually un-scratchable.

On the wrist

The Valour wears like a charm, thin at 11mm and it is also light, the nato strap supplied is the perfect way to go, there is an option of having a very nice HexaFlex rubber, but I will keep it simple because as we were talking, simplicity is the key. The Valuor does not disappoint when it comes to wearability, it is easy to pull in any situation, a cold mountain hike or a hot summer day run, it works with anything that you can call active. Legibility is on the top of the list, easy to spot at a glance and with the ergonomics of the case, it just works like no other. The watch under the dark is a torch, love the details like the lume brand at 6 and how you have dots, triangles and lines without making the dial cluttered.


It might look like the Valour 38 ticks all the typical specifications we want form a field watch and doesn't stand out from other watches out there but, when you put all of attributes together then you have a one-of-a-kind offer. Also, there are many colours to choose it from, green, black, white, grey and an incredible yellow, yes there is a yellow offering and for 299 USD, I really cannot see a reason why not to add it into my collection, I really need to stay away from this website :)

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