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Summer is here! - Buceador Caribe from Cuervo y Sobrinos

The mind is a funny thing, I love small size watches when is winter but as soon as the first ray of lights come out in May, then the urge of a 44 white or blue dial start creeping my mind, not sure why but a big watch feels more fitted for jumping on the pool or a walk on the beach, don’t get me wrong a 36mm modern explorer will do the job as nothing else but a white Panerai on this instance, would look cooler. As summer approaches the diving watch becomes even more popular than before, sure the Rolex submariner with a black dial seems a bit muted but those Black Bay 58 in blue (I have one) seem to be the best tool for job. But what is you don’t want to be mainstream, what if you want something different with presence and great quality? Well the Buceador might be the right answer for you, allow me to tell you why.

The specifications:

The Buceador is one of the latest offerings from Cuervo y Sobrinos, is a mix of a Supercomrpessor style watch and a regular diver, but with design cues of their own. As you can imagine after reading the introduction the watch is large, and wears that way, but that is what we are here for: to entertain a 43mm summer piece. The Buceador has a large domed sapphire crystal, it creates this modern + vintage aesthetics that I really enjoy and the case is something else, bold but well thought out, at the right hand size you can find the screw down crown to set the time and date giving also the watch 200m of water resistance. Then at 2:30 o clock we can find another crown that rotates the bezel but only if you press the pusher at 4 o clock, it is a very technical solution but it has been implemented with ease, very intuitive and robust. The movement for the Buceador is based on the Peseux 224, the team at Cuervo y Sobrinos made some modifications in order to have the all the features above, so you are really getting a one of a kind movement.

On the wrist:

The Buceador wears nicely on my 6.25 inch wrist and that is because is 43mm lug to lug, easy to keep under control. You can imagine with 43 mm of dial, everything becomes very legible, paired with their 'Varadero' blue and yellow accents, the Buceador looks very fresh, at the same time everything it's so well executed, no flaws on the finishing, the macro shots can really certify it, the closer the better. The legibility is also supported by superluminova in the hands and numerals, it’s a torch. The Buceador comes with a beautiful blue leather strap with yellow rubber inlay, the quality really surpasses watches that cost 2x the price.


The Buceador is different and somehow of a fresh offering that includes vintage and modern touches. The blue version really has that summer vibe but you can also check their other different colour schemes including a lovely brown and a classic black. To me the blue really called me and still does, it looks very different that anything I have in my collection and I have to say that after wearing it for more than a week, my Black Bay 58 feels, dull and safe, that is not good for my wallet.

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