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The new kid on the block gets an update – The new Vario Versa

Last year, we had the opportunity to review the latest Vario creation: The Versa, and safely, we can say it was a hit. To me the Versa it was one of the coolest/refreshing watches that included features such as enameled dials, a reversing case, 2 movements and a look that is unique to the brand. The original Versa was offered with 3 color variations, a navy blue, a dark green and a beautiful crimson red which is the one we managed to review, I felt in love with it, so much that I decided to add one to my collection, I just couldn’t let it pass. I think Ivan (the brand owner) was very ambitious (in a good way) because he decided to match this new case avoiding a neutral color like the one we have with us today: Black. The Versa is a tribute to art deco, and what can show better its attributes than a monochromatic dial? Well, there are 2 new versions, a gunmetal track dial with a clean white face and, a silver dial paired with a minimalistic black face with white accents, we got the later and it looks good, so good.

They say that a testament to great design is that once you have a good executed idea, you just need to change the colors to make it a different object, it gives a new sensation. Think about cars as an example, a different color can add lots of character, a new feeling, basically you have a new car, but if the design is not the best, then you surely must avoid certain palettes, not every brand can pull out a purple vehicle. Back to watches, black and white (also silver) are defaults on the watch world, so I applaud Vario for taking the risk at their first batch with a fresh idea, and I am also glad that we have this new version available, I think it was much needed. The great think about the Versa is that you do not have to choose to opt for the white or black version, you can have both and match it accordingly on what you feel, and let’s not forget, this is a GMT watch, one face can be used for the day and another one for the night, below are my thoughts.


Nothing has change on the Versa case, and that is a good thing because not only the 26mm wide by 40mm long case is easy to wear, but because the transition from brushed to polished are really good, they give the watch an aura of luxury that I seldom find at this price point. The two crowns are very easy to operate, and coming back to that design idea, I love that you can only se one crown per face at 12 o clock and not both at the same time. The cage feels sturdy and well made and it houses 2 Ronda Slimtech Swiss movements, it is accurate and again I use the watch to track 2 different time zones, which is less cumbersome than a traditional GMT watch, also is not a sports watch but does look good in a variety of situations. I think the White/silver face is a work of art, blued hands and an enameled center adorn the first look, it’s an arrange that we have seen many times with what is called sector dial watches, the second face which is a full black dial with a white minute track and white hands, looks very minimalistic but powerful, in a very short space, the dial breathes well and even from long distance the legibility is not compromised, very elegant.

On the wrist.

One of the questions I got the most with the first version of the Versa was the thickness, but it is something that doesn’t worry me a bit, the watch is 12mm thick and I think for a 26mm case might sounds a bit too much but it really isn’t, this is not your traditional diver or round 36mm watch, everything is more manageable and paired with the simple pin buckle (there is a deployment clasp also included) the watch wears nicely on my 6.25 inch wrist, I really enjoy the size and also the brushed sides, it just makes me more relaxed when I am wearing it because it can hide scratches better than other dress watches in my collection. The strap is what Vario has us used to with a tanned Italian leather which is already soft, a delight to use.


It is easy to say that this is a color upgrade, but it is a refresher much needed, the two new version really highlight what a good design needs to be, how can you morph a watch with some good tweaks in the right places. If you are in the market for a dress watch that it has looks like a vintage piece but works like a new one, well I think the Versa from Vario should be on your radar, you are not only getting 2 watches at the price of 1, you are getting a well design object that can stand the passing of time, it wont look out of place in many situations, sure if you go to the gym often might not be the watch for that particular occasion but everything after that will give you that ooze of sophistication, is not loud and it is not big, but is a conversation piece that takes mundanity away from your everyday. The Vario Versa will be available to deliver in June/August 2023 at £352.

Specifications Case length: 40mm Case width: 26mm Case thickness: 12mm Dial: 2 Tone Sector / Enamel Crystal: flat sapphire with inner AR applied Lug width: 20mm Case Material: 316L stainless steel Movement: 2 x Ronda Slimtech 1062 1 Jewel repairable Swiss quartz movement with 6-year battery life. Water resistance: 5 atm Strap: Veg Tan Italian leather (20mm taper to 16mm) with deployant clasp Warranty: 1-year global warranty


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