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The perfect gift does exist - DIY Watchmaking Club Skeleton Diver

Whatever the occasion is, we watch geeks are really hard people to surprise, we are always thinking on accessories for our watches or anything readable to understand our next conquest, that said, it is really hard that someone special gives us a watch as a love reminder, an if they do, I am sure it will have a detail that you might not like or prefer in a different size/colour. You see, we are complicated people, it does not mean that we do not appreciate the gesture, what really means is that we are so into this hobby that not even a watch that we chose, can keep us completely happy. There are so many variants in in watch collecting that maybe what we need is to get attached to the object before is bought or in the case of DIY Watch Club before it gets built. This is not my first Watchmaking Kit, but I have to say that I've enjoyed as it was, the excitement you get for building a piece that is on your wrist is unmatched, you cannot wait to see the final product, but you have to stay focused to do step by step, with calm, with ease. This was a great activity and my experience with this product was top notch, hopefully after reading it you will be able to get one of these perfect gifts.

The materials and the tools

The Watchmaking kit chosen was the Skeleton Dive Watch, and the main reason was because of the movement, the NH72 which is a skeletonized version of the Seiko NH35 is incredible, and it is a nice way to talk about the materials offered, this NH72 can be seen on the smoked sapphire crystal, I really enjoy watching the pallet for going back and forth. The Watchmaking kit comes with all the tools necessary to build the Skeleton Diver from scratch, all these tools are really high quality, from the tweezers to the case back opener, everything is solid and well made, it was a real pleasure to use them, and it creates a better experience from

beginning to end. Coming back again to the materials of the watch, the specifications are really impressive, automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve, the bezel is made of ceramic with Superluminova and you case see brushed and polished surfaces on case, good looking very good looking. I have to say one of the best things of the movement is that is a no date engine, no ghost position and focused.

The watchmaking

After laying out all the tools and materials you wouldn’t know where to start but DIY Watchmaking Club makes it possible for you with a series of online videos, very easy to follow and in several languages. The beauty of this process is that you do not need to e an expert, you just need to be enthusiastic about watches and for sure you will have a great time.

When you start building the watch, you really need to be careful with dust, I would say that is your first enemy but nothing that you cannot get used to, while putting the movement on the case you keep appreciating more and

more what watchmakers have to do every day, the amount of precision and patience required. As soon as the stem was in and the movement on the case, I had that great feeling I was talking about before but, not before having done the hardest part, which is attaching the hands, my aim was to have that orange hand ticking, DIY gives you several hands in case you bend one of them but i manage to do it on my first attempt. Once the case back is closed you would be probably smiling, adding the ceramic insert and the rubber strap you really cannot believe how good your project is looking.

The specification

The Skeleton Diver is the perfect size, like the Rolex Submariner, it measures 41mm with a lug to lug under 50mm, it has presence, and it looks great, black with orange but also that sapphire dial makes it a little different, more technical and special. As mentioned, the NH72 looks great from the front and back, what I also love is that the movement has been coated in black. If you start looking at the price of the kit which is under 350 GBP, you really start looking at great value, watches with this type of specification are hard to find but very impressed how the guys at DIY can make it work.

On the wrist

The watch wears great on my 6.25-inch wrist, is comfortable and the legibility even if is a skeleton watch is perfect, the markers are legible and the Superluminova glows like a torch, not only on the dial but also on the bezel. The Skeleton Diver is 300m water resistance and it can take a beating, a perfect everyday watch which i cannot take off so easily, it really works in several situations


I have enjoyed a lot the watchmaking process for the Skeleton Diver from DIY Watchmaking Club, it was a great experience made by great materials that left me with a piece that I can enjoy, service and keep using for a very long time. The Skeleton Diver is really a piece that can fit almost every collection, its different but it comes with the experience of making it, no luxury experience can replicate wearing a watch that you manage to put together, that to me is a privilege and more significant than any other gift I've received.

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