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Watches are and always will be an expression of yourself: reviewing the Trikona London

Almost all the watches have a reason to be, chronographs for racers, GMT's for pilots and field watches for officers. With the raise of quartz technology and then smartphones watches became more of a status symbol and a personal touch we love to have, with this thought in mind we can say that fashion watches have become more and more popular to the point that it almost have become a bit of a dirty word among the enthusiast watch scene but, what if fashion watches became an well build object with an unique design that has highlights not a trend, what if they represent a statement? Well this is how I encountered Trikona.

It is refreshing to see a brand that can really put a story behind a design and not saying that the watch is an homage or a re-interpretation of something. As the names suggest Trikona watches are based on the concept for the power of 3 which are strength, resolve and endurance, you can find this represented by interlocking triangles in the crown, dial and back. I spoke to Trikona earlier this year and as they were about to launch their watches, they gave us an opportunity to spent time with their Signature collection more specifically the S2 and S4 models, below is our take.

The specifications

Both of the watches are very impressive on the metal, the finishing of the 40mm case is like something else I haven't experiences at this price point with a few exceptions, the finish is matte for the S2 and PVD for the S4. Both dials contrast very well with the case and include the triangle motif making it visually pleasant at glance. The movement inside ETA F06.105 which keeps the accuracy high and the case thin so it can be tucked under a cuff.

The watch has a very modern construction with details that include sapphire crystal and a beautiful alcantara strap (more on this later) making it very attractive in any situation. The real highlight is the dial, weather is brushed (the S4) or is matte (the S2) the details mixed with applied triangles and number (note that there is 3 triangles and only the number 3 to continue the theme) is a winning formula making the watch feel luxurious and well finished.

On the wrist:

The watch is a pleasure to wear, with a very thin profile and a 40mm size it just hugs the wrist like a complete bracelet, I have to say the other part responsible for this feeling is the strap, Trikona is committed to the vision of consciousness and a Vegan brand philosophy gives also an advantage over disposable fashion watches we encounter all over the internet, making Trikona a real brand with a real project.

The watch is incredible easy to read and for being a watch that has no military inspiration it feels very tool like when it comes to orientation, this is not an easy thing to achieve as the dial has many elements but remains very simple, elegant and without clutter.


There is no denying that wrist watches is a thing of the past and with all the technology we have available, together with an industry that is focused on heritage we do not see something new and fresh very often. Here is where the Signature collection from Trikona shines, there is nothing to compare it to, is a completely new approach to watches.

The reason why I was so intrigued and then convinced by the project is because it started to blur the lines on tool watches and fashion watches, when I wore the S2 for week with all its details I began to feel that the statement ''fashion watches'' was not a dirty word any more, we all needed a new comer with quality and design for this to finally happen.


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