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We don’t need to ask Seiko to make a Titanium Diver - The Dailos Waveform

Whenever you start talking about watches there are a few brands that come to mind, Rolex of course, Tag Heuer seems to be up there and Seiko. Seiko started its transformation journey a few years back leaving consumers less confused, it was overwhelming to see a Seiko catalogue, you had Japanese domestic releases , European exclusives and those very affordable but classic designs.

One of the most loved watches from the Seiko catalogue was the SKX series, a watch which was in the boundaries of affordable and what they call professional series or ''Prospex''. This watch had it all, it was iconic and affordable and even if you are in a room of high end collectors you would get the occasional nudge of approval which meant: ''I got one too..'', so it's no surprised that people went crazy when the SKX was discontinued and not only that but also replaced with a non-professional ( much better watch in my opinion) Seiko 5. As you might be aware ''moding'' Seiko could be an art form, there are so many variations and the SKX was the base for every mod you could think of and elevating the Seiko diver to a whole new level within enthusiast. I have seen gold plated cases, 12 hour bezels and fifty fathoms homages but I was always looking for titanium SKX, it is here is where I found out about Dalios and their Waveform, it had all the elements needed and not only the case was reduced which was a big request from Seiko fans but also comes with a full titanium bracelet, I would tell you the price at the end and I am sure you won't believe it, let's get into it.

The specifications:

The watch dimensions are not only one of the strongest point but also they please a lot of watch enthusiast, a 40mm case with a lug to lug of 47mm does magic to my 6.25 wrist, easy to wear and easy to pull, this is the closest diver I've worn that feels like a Black Bay 58, and that's a good thing. The watch is powered by a Seiko NH35A with the crown at o'clock giving that SKX looks which we all love. The sample we had included a 60min click bezel and a beautiful sunray midnight blue, it looks black sometimes and then purple comes alive, a real

treat to the eyes. A date complication without a white background (thanks Dailos) really stands out and makes this watch versatile for an every day use. A solid case back beautifully engraved finishes the whole package, no see trough sapphire here which reminds you that this is a tool watch offering you 300 meters of depth.

On the wrist:

On the wrist and with those dimensions is no surprise that the Waveform wears so well, every detail has been considered, from the 20mm lugs tapering to 18mm, up to the reinforced titanium which is present not only here on the bracelet but in the case itself.

The watch is light and has that beautiful but utilitarian grey that makes it stand out of those polished case divers which by the way should attract bad company at the bottom of the sea (if you are desk diving then might attract your boss and avoid a raise). Going back to the bracelet I don’t think I have come across a more comfortable one in years and specially in titanium, the fit was great and really appreciated the full ergonomics. I really appreciated the BGW lume gives a more blue feeling, very legible and very well applied.


This watch does deserve the attention as it ticks not one but almost every box that any watch enthusiast might have and then tops it up a notch, but I still haven't got to the price yet which is probably mind blowing, the Waveform is currently being offered at 359 USD, that is competing with current Seiko

Prospex in basic steel, this bad boy is in titanium, not only the case but also the bracelet. I think if you are in a market for a blue dial watch you have to try this offer from Dailos, you will not be disappointed as it packs more features than watches costing at least 5 times the price. My time with the watch was short but many times I was deciding if I should wear this or my recently acquired Rolex Submariner, sometimes I am glad that I've sent it to the other reviewer because the Sub stayed in the box for a full week.

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