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In Focus: Atelier Wen (full article at

There is a lot to be said about a buyers’ perception. Once the marketing message is engrained on our minds, there is little that we can do about it. This situation has happened many times, and we are not only talking about the watch scene. A relevant example would be Japanese consumer goods, weather we are talking about cars or TVs, the reputation for their quality its outstanding. Even if rivals from other countries have more heritage and features, you can be sure that these objects made in the far east, are going to better assembled and long-lasting.

Of course, we are talking about today’s perception, but it wasn’t always like that, in fact, a few decades back, Japanese products were seen as low quality and cheaper alternatives to their Americans and Europeans counterparts. The main reason is because they needed time to refine their production, and now, well here we are.

Why is all the above relevant? well, Atelier Wen is going for a similar approach. These days, just like Japanese products in the past, Chinese product have a questionable reputation. They are seen as cheaper alternatives and dismissed right from the start. It would take an amount of time to change our views, but Atelier Wen is completely focus on doing so. It is a great story, join us to discover it.


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